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CarlsonWilliam Development Model

Process + Tested + Proven

With over 25 years experience working in all phases of the Development and Construction Industry, CarlsonWilliam has developed a standardized Development Model that can be modified by project type and client needs.  The Model enables CarlsonWilliam to clearly identify, layout and communicate the most efficient project development process to best achieve our clients goals.   

The  CarlsonWilliam Development Model is broken down into four phases:


Acquisition & Entitlements 

Design & Pre-construction

Construction Management

Project Closeout & Property Turnover

Within each Development Phase, critical path milestones and project team members are identified and assigned.  CarlsonWilliam manages and collaborates with team members to establish realistic task scope and duration to mitigate project risk.   We set early expectations, establish project criteria and standards, while maintaining accurate project schedules and costs. 


Quantatitive + Timely + Accurate

CarlsonWilliam partners with our clients and brokers to identify real estate properties, manage the purchase sale agreements, perform on-site job walks, coordinate third party consultants, research city records, permits and zoning to develop a final property condition report. We develop project fit plans and conceptual drawings to establish a master schedule and budget to assists our clients in project underwriting and financing.  In addtion, we coordinate and develop the necessary plans and studies as required for any project entitlements.

Collating Data


Efficient + Creative + Value

Early on CarlsonWilliam provides the project leadership and drives project collaboration.  We identify and establish project delivery methods and strategies to mitigate project risk for our clients.  CarlsonWilliam views each project independently and applies proven design, schedule and cost controls throughout the project. We source, negotiate, and contract with the top architects, engineers, consultants and builders to drive project design, schedule, budget and permit approval processes.

Space Planning


Quality + Oversight + Accounability

A licensed California Contractor since 2003 CarlsonWilliam understands the building process.  Successful projects are a result of complete building drawings, the right sourced contractor, accurate budgeting, scheduling, and timely monthly vendor payments.  Providing the leadership on the project CarlsonWilliam ensures all facets of the project are being met and the project team meets expectations through a collaborative, creative and fair decision-making process.



Transition + Occupany + Operations

CarlsonWilliam secures and provides client final project close-out information. This includes project soft and hard cost accounting reconciliations, contractor warranties, equipment startup and manuals, as-built drawings, occupancy permits,  FF&E installation, telephone, data, fire life safety monitoring.

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